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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the Sale and Brokerage of Tickets and Other Products and Services, as well as Attendance at Events ("P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions")

We have updated our terms and conditions. The following new General Terms and Conditions apply to the sale and brokerage of tickets and other products and services, as well as attendance at events ("P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions") for all orders through P61 Gallery from June 15, 2021 onwards.

  1. Contractual Foundations

1.1 Applicability of P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions. These General Terms and Conditions ("P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions") govern

a) the sale of tickets or other access authorizations, such as wristbands, for various events ("Tickets") and other services and products through P61 Gallery GmbH, Lindower Straße 19, 13347 Berlin (hereinafter referred to as "P61 Gallery"),

b) the sale of other products and services through distribution partners (you can identify distribution partners by the fact that they operate under their own name, both on the website and in the imprint, and the webshop is marked with the addition "powered by P61 Gallery" or a similar indication of cooperation ("Distribution Partner"); in this case, the distribution partner's terms and conditions of sale ("Distribution Partner Terms and Conditions") also apply in addition,

c) participation in events, to the extent that the organizing organizer or a third party different from the organizer sells the tickets ("Organizer") and does not establish its own event conditions as the basis for the event contract ("Organizer Terms and Conditions").

1.2 Applicability of Distribution Partner Terms and Conditions for Ticket Sales by Distribution Partners

a) Purchase of Tickets and Other Services. The purchase of tickets, other products, or services through a distribution partner of P61 Gallery, regardless of whether it is done by telephone or online, is based on these P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions. Additional distribution partner terms and conditions for the purchase of additional services or products apply in addition and take precedence in case of conflicts.

b) Inclusion of Distribution Partner Terms and Conditions. The distribution partner terms and conditions will be displayed or provided to you when placing an order. During the checkout process for orders via the internet, you will be asked to agree to the applicability of the distribution partner terms and conditions.

1.3 Applicability of Organizer Terms and Conditions

a) Event Execution. The events are mostly organized by other organizers and not by P61 Gallery. The contract for attending the event is concluded between the ticket purchaser and the organizer based on separate organizer terms and conditions. P61 Gallery merely facilitates the opportunity to purchase tickets on behalf of or as a commission agent for the organizer. The issuer of the ticket is the respective organizer.

b) Applicability of Event Attendance Regulations in Clause 9. The provisions for event attendance in Clause 9 of these P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions apply only to the extent that (i) the organizer does not provide its own organizer terms and conditions to regulate the relevant points; in case of conflicts, the organizer terms and conditions take precedence, or (ii) P61 Gallery acts as the organizer itself in individual cases; this is indicated separately when purchasing the tickets.

2. Registration and Account Protection

2.1 Account Registration. Each ticket purchaser has the opportunity to register an account on the P61 Gallery website or apps. The ticket purchaser must keep their account access credentials protected from access by third parties and immediately report any suspicion of unauthorized access to P61 Gallery through the online contact form.

2.2 Account Protection. The ticket purchaser may remain logged into their account on the website after accepting corresponding cookies. In the event of other individuals using their devices, the ticket purchaser must be responsible for their actions in this context, to the extent they are responsible for it.

2.3 Account Suspension. P61 Gallery has the right to temporarily suspend the ticket purchaser's account or parts thereof if there are concrete indications that the ticket purchaser violates Sections 3.6 (Purchase Limit), 6.2 (Personalized Tickets), or 6.5 (Prohibition of Commercial Use) of these P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions, or Section 3 of the Terms of Use for Websites and Apps (Terms of Use), or if there is a justified suspicion thereof, or if there is another legitimate interest in suspension, for example, in the case of suspected misuse by unauthorized third parties. If the suspension is not lifted after examination, taking into account the legitimate interests of the ticket purchaser and third parties, P61 Gallery may, at its discretion, permanently block or delete access and content of the account, in whole or in part.

2.4 Duration of Account Usage. The contract for account usage is indefinite and can be terminated by the ticket purchaser at any time without observing a notice period. Termination can be done by deleting the account or by sending an email to P61 Gallery may terminate the contract with four weeks' notice, especially if the account has not been used for more than a year. The right to terminate immediately for violations of applicable law, these P61 Gallery Terms and Conditions, or the Terms of Use remains unaffected.

3. Formation of the Contract

3.1 Event Information. Except for P61 Gallery's own events, the information about the events, including venue, start time, or event content, contained on the website and in other announcements are provided by the respective organizers or other third parties (collectively referred to as "Organizer Information"), without P61 Gallery being able to verify these details. The submission of the contract offer is based on this information.

3.2 Seating and Venue Plans. The seating or venue plans of the event location displayed during the ordering process are for reference purposes only and do not constitute a scale representation of the venue.

3.3 Corrections. The purchaser bears the risk for accurately entering or providing information during the ordering process, especially regarding the selection of the event, venue, date, and seat.

3.4 Ticket Orders for Ages 18 and Above or with Legal Guardian Consent. The purchase of tickets, products, and other services is only allowed for individuals aged 18 or above and with full legal capacity or with the consent of their legal guardian.

3.5 Acceptance of the Contract Offer. The contract between the buyer and seller (usually the respective organizer; if P61 Gallery sells the tickets on behalf of the organizer as a commission agent, P61 Gallery is the seller of the tickets) is concluded when P61 Gallery accepts a purchase offer by sending an order number and is subject to the condition of complete and timely payment; except for purchases where the buyer uses a payment service, such as purchase on invoice. In these cases, the contract is concluded upon sending the order number. For payments made on invoice, P61 Gallery assigns the payment claim against the buyer to the selected payment method provider; additionally, the general terms and conditions of the respective payment method provider apply, as indicated during the ordering process.

3.6 Purchase Restrictions. To deter unfair ticket resale, the purchase of tickets is limited to a maximum quantity per buyer, which varies depending on the event and is communicated during the ordering process. If the buyer exceeds the maximum quantity, P61 Gallery reserves the right to block tickets exceeding the maximum quantity for admission.

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