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Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


The human condition

Humans are a biological species belonging to the genus Homo and are characterized by high intelligence, language skills and cultural complexity. In addition to their physical characteristics, humans are characterized by social behaviour, emotional expressiveness and the ability to develop technology. Human existence encompasses a wide range of experiences, from basic needs to complex cultural, ethical and spiritual dimensions.


In our exhibition, the human condition is explored in different ways: 


  • The development of humanoid technologies and their ability to mimic human emotions and behaviors.

  • Combining humanoid technology with AI to create more complex and interactive experiences.

  • Exploring the relationship between humanoids and humans, particularly in the context of artistic creations.

  • Reflect on the nature of humanoids and their role in a future society where technology and humanity merge.

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