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Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


Überschrift 3


We at The HumanLab want to raise people's awareness with this art exhibition through the designed program. For this, we have let different departments, artists & experts become a part of the big picture, to create a context through knowledge and science to question our current reality and ourselves, to rethink what if we can't do more? 

In this exhibition we want to work with different Artists and with different undiscovered talents. Different Artists, different sections that introduce the themes. One message. Among other things, topics such as AI art, 3D art, audio-visual art such as frequencies, future-tech innovations such as hologram devices, our self-designed Mind Machine will be offered.


In addition, experts will give various lectures that relate to the exhibition themes and also provide a deeper insight into the human condition.

The topics will flow smoothly into the different categories.


Both informative lectures, interactive workshops, but also purely artistic exhibition pieces that address the theme.


At the end of this experience, every visitor should acquire a new set of knowledge. Perhaps even the question: Who are we really?


To this end, we have made use of the six senses known to us in order to provide visitors with navigation in the form of specially designed Icon´s.

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